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Lineage Workshop Registration
On April 23, 2014, guest speaker Ann Staley will conduct a workshop on
 "Advanced Lineage Society Papers: Guidelines for a Successful Application"
We will continue on from the morning’s monthly meeting lecture with more detailed information about a number of the most popular societies, such as DAR, SAR, Mayflower, Colonial Dames, and various state pioneer programs.  Ann will discuss how important following the instructions are and will explain the process of filling out the application forms in detail.  She will discuss the research needed, how you determine what has already been done, and what remains for you to prove.
Those who are actively working on an application will have first preference.

March Meeting Update

Donna Moughty was our guest speaker at our March 26th, monthly meeting at the Savannah Center. 
260 members were in attendance for her presentation on using as she demonstrated what this very valuable website had to offer. She spoke on the evolution from CD to today's internet and their one family tree concept and how to add your family to this tree. She also showed how to use the search feature to obtain records as well as using their Catalog, Books and Wiki. She also spoke about their vast collection of teaching aides. Visit to The Villages Vsit
The team visited The Villages on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at Lake Miona Recreation Center.
Nearly 600 hundred members were able to see presentations by Crista Cowan as she spoke about “How to Get the Most Out of” and “How to Get the Most Out of FamilyTreeMaker.” All three sessions were at full capacity and very well received by our membership.

All-Day Seminar Update

Josh Taylor Image
Our 14th Annual All-Day Seminar was held on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Over 250 members heard our guest speaker D. Joshua Taylor. Josh presented four different topics about Vital Records, US Gen Web, Time-saving tips for the modern genealogist and Online resources for religious organizations.
Also in our audience was Dick Eastman from Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Matching Grant Campaign

Preserve the Pensions
The Villages Genealogical Society Announces a $5,000 Matching Grant campaign for the Preserve the Pensions - War of 1812 Fundraising Project.
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Wednesday, Apr. 23rd
General Monthly Meeting
at 10:00 am
Wednesday, Apr. 23rd
Special Afternoon Workshop
at 1:30 pm
Thursday, Apr. 24th
New to Genealogy SIG Meeting
at 2:00 pm

Don't assume that widow in earlier census records means her husband is deceased. It could mean that they were divorced.
When it comes to spelling variations, be creative. Often clerks and government officials were unable to correctly record the names given them by unschooled immigrants not familiar with languages used in their port of entry. The surname was written down as the official heard it and the immigrant accepted that as the official American rendering of his name.