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Register to Win a LLLC Scholarship

The VGS Scholarship Committee is offering two scholarships to the Life Long Learning College (LLLC).
To be eligible, recipients must be a member of VGS.  The scholarships are to be used only for genealogy courses offered at the LLLC during the fall or winter sessions.  A list of genealogy courses being offered may be found in the LLLC catalog or HERE on our website. 
The value of each scholarship is up to $60.00.  The recipient must pay for the qualified course and turn in a paid receipt to the VGS Treasurer for reimbursement not greater than $60.00. The scholarships are non-transferable and class registration must be completed by December 31, 2014.
Two alternate names will be drawn in case the winning recipient(s) do not comply or use the scholarships for the required time period.
The two winning scholarships will be drawn at the VGS September general meeting.  You do not need to be in attendance at the general meeting to win.  Winners will be notified by email and their names will be published in the October VGS Newsletter.
Entry is free! Deadline for entries is 6:00 PM September 19, 2014
Please, only one entry per Member. 
Registration for this drawing begins HERE on September 1st, 2014 

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For questions about the onboard genealogy lectures contact Pat at:

Wednesday, Aug. 27th
VGS Workshop
at 10:00 am
Monday, Sep. 8th
Family Tree Maker Users SIG Meeting
at 1:00 pm
Wednesday, Sep. 10th
Board of Directors Meeting
at 1:30 pm

Direct evidence speaks to the point in question.
Genealogy is the search for our ancestors. Family history is the study of the lives they led. Using the information from each area provides us with a true picture of our family.